I brought a large armful of Blue-flag irises from the flower exhibition. I placed them in the vase, each one is more stunning than the other. One of those incredibly soft, transparent clouds like Blue-flag got my attention in particular. Strikingly beautiful! It resembled us with an elegant wedding dress. It would be impossible to skip such masterpieces.

Tenderly pink tulip spotted near the cottage. It was fabulous. Before I hauled it to the city, it had already started to wither. The last dance, which I have tried to eternalize. It was sterling even while fading.        

The beginning of life is the most marvelous moment! Witnessing how Blue-flag iris in the vase, and its newly shooting flower buds before my very eyes, was the most superb experience which I desired to eternalize.

I purchased hibiscus at a local florist. I brought it home, such a beautiful, already blossomed, like a little gramophone. It began to close by the evening, and At that point, I liked it the most. I was tempted to pause this moment.

Iris revel of colours is captivating. Once seeing this flower and perceiving its unique scent is haunting. Life of flag-leaf is évanescent, so we crave to capture all stages at which it looks fascinating.

My friends had magnolia trees on their cottage. Such a beauty! The weather turned rainy and we hid inside the tiny house for a cup of tea. Following the end of the rain, the sun came out and I could not help but marvel at those magnolia trees. I saw a tulip under the tree coated in diamond droplets. It has become my favorite object to marvel at instantaneously.

 I bought out of this world, almost black tulip in a conservatory. When it opened under the sunlight it turned to be burgundy red, and it was adorably beautiful.

While strolling in the home town’s botanical garden during the warm spring day, I noticed how the newly blooming flower was shining under the sun rays. This resembles gleaming sugar crystals. It couldn’t help but immortalize such a moment.

Once I was visiting my son. I saw a vase with a bouquet of tiny tulips on the table which was already fading and dying. I couldn’t help noticing how a little spider wove a tiny web and hid. It emerged to be quite a gorgeous trap that you could not help but capture on the paper with favorite chalks.

My friends own their own garden, and they grow flowers which include various species of bearded black dragon iris and peony flowers. When I saw black dragon iris, an inspiration came onto me to capture it. It is just starling.

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